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I made my first online sale as a Clickbank affiliate. Starting a ClickBank business is a cost effective way to earn money online. There are thousands of products you can promote earning as much as 75% per sale.

One of the things that make ClickBank marketing easy and affordable is that you do not need your own website to be successful.

Just choose the products you want to promote and create your own unique URL.

However, if you have your own website, you can promote as many products as you want.

Many ClickBank products now offer recurring commission for sales from subscription sites. This is a great way to make residual income for the life of the subscription.

It’s always better to get paid over and over again for your efforts rather than for one sale at a time.

You must first sign up for a FREE ClickBank account to get started. During the signup process, you will select your ClickBank nickname.

Your nickname is your unique ID that allows Clickbank to accurately track and award the commissions you earn. You will use your nickname in all affiliate links (hoplinks) that you create.

To get started as a ClickBank affiliate today, follow these steps:

1) Click here to signup for a free ClickBank account.

2) Use the search box above to find products to promote.

3) Create your unique hoplink for your marketing campaign.

4) Promote and advertise your chosen programs.

5) Best Option: Open Your Own Clickbank Store.

Then rinse and repeat until you are making money, and that’s all to it. ClickBank will handle your sales stats, conversions and payments twice per month.

Direct deposit to your bank account is also now available for your weekly ClickBank earnings.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often to learn about ClickBank marketing and the best programs to promote.

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