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Have you ever considered taking your mlm home business online? If not, you should and I am going to tell you why.

When I first started my network marketing home based business, my upline told me everything I needed to do get started. They said that duplication was the key to success. With that said, I was excited and ready to go. Now, let’s talk about what my upline said I should do in order to get off to a good start.
Network Marketing 1. Make Your Warm Market List

My first task was to make a list of 200-300 people to contact about my business opportunity. If I thought of a name and put a face to it, that person should be on my list.

I was also advised to use memory joggers, business and personal contacts. My list came to about 40 people.

It was tough for me to come up with that many, but I was still excited and ready to move forward.

What concerned me about the warm market list was contacting my family and friends. I was actually afraid of rejection from my family and afraid of loosing my friends. I felt that there should be a better way to find prospects for my business. With a list of only 40 people, I knew it was just a matter of time before my warm market list run out.

Besides, if I were successful building my mlm home business, my family and friends would come to me. They would want to know what I was doing to make money, and I would jump at the opportunity to tell them. However, duplication was important, so I continued with my warm market list anyway.

2. Just Find Three People

The next step was to find three people, and help those three people find three people, and then help those three people find three people.

Wow! That’s a mouth full. Anyway, the next step was to find three people to introduce to my business.

Each person was to participate in the company’s direct ship program in order to maximize the compensation plan and leverage each others efforts.

Sounds like a good idea, but easier said then done.

Finding three people who were committed to building a business was not easy at all. I did have some success building a small and committed downline. However, it was not as easy as I was told in the opportunity meetings, more on that later. Many people simply give up when they hit the warm market wall. When you reach the end of your warm market list your mlm home business stops.

3. Enter the Cold Market

Once I finished with my warm market list, it was time to hit the cold market. In other words, everybody became my prospect. Every time someone encounters me, he or she was in danger of receiving my sales pitch.

This was a tough one for me. It was difficult for me to approach people to talk about anything. I would rather have people approach me instead. I wanted to do things differently, but I continued to do what my upline was teaching.

4. Attend Opportunity Meetings and Bring Your Prospects

Attending opportunity meetings was actually effective. When my prospects saw that other people were also interested in the opportunity, they became inspired to learn more. The Seminars were usually conducted by upline members who were doing pretty well in the business. Other times, more senior upline members from out of town would conduct the meetings. For the most part, this was a good thing for recruiting new members.

I do agree that the occasional motivational seminar and mlm home business training is a good thing for bringing people together. I also feel that having weekly seminars are too much for prospects to handle. People want things simple and if you can do that, you stand a better chance of getting them to join you.

Network Marketing

Bricking Away from My Upline

After exhausting my list, I finally decided to take a different approach. Why I decided to do this? I decided to do things differently, because I had no one else to contact. With no list, my business came to a stand still. Now, you might be wondering what approach I decided to take.

I decided to take my mlm home business online and I am not talking about using the company’s website and tools. I decided to build my own website and blog. In order for my business to continue to grow, I needed to use online and offline marketing methods.

Trying to build my business using only offline methods was not enough. Offline Marketing still works, but it’s just a small part of the bigger picture.

Internetwork Marketing

The Internet is the perfect tool for building your own network marketing leads and prospects. It is also a great way to build multiple income streams for your business. With a website or blog, you can have income coming in from sources such as Adsense, affiliate programs and much more.

An online presents is the perfect solution for newbies. Most new network marketers quit within one year, because of the like of leads, money, and a proven network marketing system to follow. MLM businesses take a while to grow and having other income streams in place solves problems.

That’s why you should bring your MLM home business online. Building multiple streams of residual income online will help you survive while your network marketing business grows.

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