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Niche marketing is the best way to build an online business. Some people automatically know what niche they want to build their business around, but it is a difficult task for many people including me. I was searching for my home business niche for quite sometime before deciding upon affiliate marketing.  

Affiliate marketing is a large niche but, during my research, I decided to target a smaller niche within affiliate marketing. I also discovered that affiliate marketing provided me the opportunity to earn residual income.  

What Is Residual Income  

Residual income is defined as receiving recurring payments long after an initial sale has been made, usually at regular intervals and at set amounts. I was excited about the idea of earning a recurring income on sales rather than just earning income on a paid per sale basis.  

Affiliate marketing was the perfect opportunity for me to build my business around, but that was only the foundation.  

Earning Multiple Income Streams  

Next, I decided to research programs that offered ways of earning multiple income streams. I was happy to learn during my research that multiple income streams can be achieved by promoting just one website link.  

Many niche marketing programs use this concept by advertising multiple affiliate programs on one website. You can find these programs easily by conducting a search on the term “Multiple Income Streams” and thousands of results will be returned that you can research.  

Turnkey Business  

Niche Market

Multiple income sites, usually referred to as turnkey businesses, give individuals the opportunity to plug into a system that is already established. Turnkey websites can be a good alternative for newbies, because they usually eliminate the need for large startup capital.  

Turnkey systems also eliminate the need for researching your own niche market, because the niche it is already researched and chosen for you.  

Anyone who promotes a turnkey system stands a very good chance of having prospects join him or her into several different affiliate programs all at once.

This technique will create multiple income streams and at the same time build residual income.  

After learning this concept, I applied it to my own research by finding a readymade system in which to build my business around. Having the opportunity to earn multiple streams of income and residual income was the way that I ultimately decided to build my business.  

In Summary  

Generating multiple streams of income and building residual income can have a major impact on your financial future. In these troubled economic times, diversifying your income is an important, smart and necessary step you can take to secure your own financial future.  

Always keep in mind that research, determination and persistence can make the difference between success and failure. Education is a major key towards succeeding at anything you want to accomplish and working online is no different.  

Taking the time to research, or simply ask questions to other internet marketers can go a long way in helping you with your niche marketing strategies. After your research, choose the best niche you feel comfortable with and never quit until you reach your goals.

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