My Honest SBI Review

Why I Wrote This Review!

SBI Review

This SBI review is my honest opinion of how SBI can help anyone start a successful and profitable home business.

My biggest problem as a newbie was finding a program that could truly help me build a profitable online business. I tried several different systems and opportunities that just did not work.

I tried blogging with some success, but ultimately I wanted more than just a blog. Blogging was enjoyable and fun, but I needed a better system to help me build my business.

I also used turnkey systems that provided me with my own affiliate website. The problem with these systems was that everyone had the same website, which made it impossible to stand out from the crowd. This was a problem for me, because I wanted to build my own identity and brand.

I wasted lots of time and money trying to find the right business opportunity. This was a very frustrating time to say the least. However, being as hardheaded as I am, I keep searching for the perfect system that would allow me to build a profitable and long-term home based business.

My Search Eventually Led Me to SBI

SBI was a true eye opener for me and hopefully my SBI review reflects this. The process, tools, and guidance made building my business do-able. SBI helped me focus on building my business and not just a website or blog.

I also enjoyed surrounding myself with like-minded people, and the SBI Forums absolutely delivered in that department. These Forums are the friendliest and most helpful I have ever used. SBI also provides unlimited customer support and their overall customer service is the best.

The Process, Tools, and Guidance

The process has been simplified for newbies and beginners to the point where success is imminent if you follow the system.

SBI really works if you work it, and it really does change lives.

Any good SBI review should mention C T P M, which stands for Content, Traffic, PREsell, & Monetize.

This process puts your website on a solid foundation and teaches you how to write excellent content in your own voice. Your content builds targeted traffic to your site, which then presells them on your product or services.

Preselling is a term I never heard of before using SBI. Preselling your visitors provides credibility for your business and puts your customers in a buying mood.

This system uses "Brainstorm It" and “Niche Choose It” tools to help you choose your best niche or site concept. Some people really struggle with finding their niche and these two tools will help you get past that hurdle.

Monetizing Your Website

In this SBI review, I also want to mention the importance of having a good monetization mix. The "Monetize It" tool addresses this by helping you choose the best monetization mix for your site.

The more ways you choose to monetize your site the better. For example, you can monetize with Google adsense, Google Search, affiliate links, referrals, donations, providing a service, and much more. The key is to create a way to help every customer who visits your site.

It’s important to build a trusting relationship with your website visitors before monetizing your site. Your customers are looking for information, and SBI teaches you how to provide that information through great content.

If you only take one thing from this SBI Review, it should be that monetization comes last.

If you fail to build a relationship with your customers first, many of which are repeat customers, your conversion rate and sales will suffer to say the least.

The Site Building Process

SBI Review

Creating website pages with SBI is a snap. You can create a profitable and professional looking site without knowing any HTML and the block-by-block site builder shows you how.

This process of building a site is perfect for newbies, but is also suitable for intermediate and advance users.

The block-by-block builder helps users build web pages that are effective for both search engines and human visitors. It’s a perfect way to break bad habits.

The flexibility of SBI allows users to build web pages using their favorite HTML editors, such as Dreamweaver or Nvu, without skipping a beat.

This system is also compatible with image tools, such as Photo-shop and Flash. You can easily use these advance tools, if you choose, which provides maximum flexibility and creativity for all skill levels.

SBI helps you choose the most profitable domain name for your niche using advance domain analysis, optimization and registration. You can register your perfect domain only after completely brainstorming and researching your niche or site concept.

Search Engine and Building Traffic

When it comes to getting traffic to your site, SBI makes it easy. Your website and Sitemap "XML file" is submitted to search engines each time you update or add new content.

Your time will be better served focusing on other traffic building strategies and writing new content for your site. This is a huge time saver for you, and makes it easier for you to reach a wider and more targeted audience.

You can easily check your traffic stats and analyze what your visitors with a click of a button. Understanding your visitor’s needs gives you a better idea of what topics to write about.

Tools for Preselling Your Visitors

Tools such as the form builder, autoresponder and blog are essential in order to presell your visitors. The good news is that all of these tools, among many others, are included with SBI.

Experience users understand how important and effective it is to have all of these tools in one central location without spending more money to purchase them separately.

Building your own email list and publishing an e-zine is easy with this system, because everything you need to manage your e-mail marketing campaign is included.

Another wonderful tool that I personally love is automatic site blogging. This tool easily turns your site into a blog without you having to do anything extra or add any more software.

Whenever you add content to your site, it’s also transferred to your blog. Then, an automatic pinging service notifies search engines of your new content. This process helps you attract more traffic and continues grow your business.

The Conclusion of My SBI Review

SBI really over delivers when it comes to helping you build your business. All you need is Brain and Motivation (BAM) and SBI does the rest.

BAM is a popular term coined by SBI and you will become very familiar with it if you decide to take a closer look.

I hope that my SBI review gave you some valuable information on how SBI can help you build your business.

SBI has a 30-day, no-risk money back guarantee, which is a risk-free decision that you can make with confidence and peace of mind.

Also, if you see negative reviews about SBI!, most likely these are fake reviews from a personal attack they experienced in 2009, see their Solo Build It scam reply.

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