Super Affiliate Handbook Review

Super Affiliate Handbook

One of the best ways to learn affiliate marketing is to read The Super Affiliate Handbook (SAH) by Rosalind Gardner. If you are serious about making money with affiliate programs, the SAH is a must have.

Rosalind blazed an amazing trail in affiliate marketing over the past few years. In 2002, she earned a staggering $436,797 with affiliate marketing and earn much more than that today.

Rosalind is now known as the Queen of Affiliate Marketing, a fitting title for her. The SAH takes you through the entire process of building an affiliate marketing business from beginning to end. Nothing is left to chance.

The SAH will provide step-by-step instructions on how to start and grow your business in the most cost effective and easiest way possible. You will also learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that newbies make when first starting out.

This book is frequently revised and updated to reflect industry changes. It consists of 235 pages and 116 screenshots designed to take you by hand and teach you how to become a super affiliate marketer.

My Experience With The SAH

I purchased the Super Affiliate Handbook in 2008 and have not looked back since. I still cannot believe all of the information contained in the book and everything I have learned since I first read it.

I built my business using the principles outlined in the SAH, and I could not be happier with the results. The website you are on right now is a direct reflection of the training and techniques I have learned from using the SAH.

I was really surprise and thrilled when Rosalind made a comment about my new website on her site You can view her comment at Amazing Progress on Brand New Site.

However, I would like to mention that since 2008 my site’s web address has changed from You can now find everything at my new URL at

Now, Let Us Get Back to the SAH

You will learn how to find your niche, build a website, install a blog, pick the best programs to join, negotiate a commission raise and much more. This amazing book will help you save time and money on all of the necessary business building tools and software.

The Super Affiliate Handbook

will help you stay focus on building the perfect business for you if you just read it and take action on what you read. I highly recommend this book to every inspiring affiliate marketer.

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