Value Exchange Instructions

I would like to provide a value exchange linking opportunity to website owners whose sites provides valuable content and are relevant to this site.

Exchanging links with other relevant websites is a great business opportunity for webmasters and home business seekers alike.  

If you own a website with valuable content, please consider exchanging links with me.

Keep in mind that I will be reviewing all sites submitted and will provide every opportunity to link with you.

If you would like to submit your website for consideration, please follow the instructions below.  

The first thing you should do before submitting your link request to me is add the Home Business Ideas for Newbies link to your site by using the following code:  

This code creates a link like this:  

Home Business Ideas for Newbies
If you are a newbie looking for proven home business ideas, then this website is for you. It reviews a range of work from home opportunities and gives you tips and advice on how to get started.

Be sure to add the above link code to your site first and then contact me with your link code, the URL where I can find my link on your site, and any additional instructions you may have.

I will complete the exchange by adding your code, similar to the example code in the box above, to my Partner Sites page.

However, you are not restricted to only my Partner Sites page. If you find another page on my site that you would like me to consider adding your link to instead, please let me know and I will try to accommodate you.

Additionally, you may want to consider SiteSell's Value Exchange program in order to find even more valuable link exchange opportunities for your site.

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